At the heart of SolConnect lies the $CONNECT utility token, anchoring our infrastructure for decentralized social media. $CONNECT spearheads the evolution of privacy-centric social networking. Within SolConnect, $CONNECT empowers users with diverse features and perks. Holding $CONNECT not only unlocks exclusive benefits but also integrates you into our journey. Your active involvement and support drive the growth and prosperity of the SolConnect ecosystem, reshaping the landscape of decentralized social media.

  • Token Name: SolConnect

  • Ticker Symbol: $CONNECT

  • Network: SOLANA

  • Supply: 10,000,000 (10 Millions)

  • Archetype: Utility

$CONNECT Token Utility

Our tokens are your key to enhancing and personalizing your profile with premium perks and features on our social media platform. Additionally, they serve as the currency for advertising, enabling you to promote your content effectively. Unlock new possibilities and maximize your presence with our versatile token utility system.

Revenue Allocation Breakdown:

  • 50%: Revenue Share

  • 20%: Marketing & Development

  • 20%: Partnerships & CEXs

  • 10%: Burn & Buybacks

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